First I’ve got a question.


Do you want more traffic to your website?


Do you want to build authority in your space?


Do you want influencers actively sharing your stuff?


Because if so, read on. If not, well…click away.


Okay. Just who the heck are you?


Hi, my name’s David.


I’m a writer. I’m also a marketer. But first off I’m a writer.


So when I write, there’s one thing I’m afraid of….


People not reading my stuff!!!



When I write, I care about one thing and one thing only: To keep people engaged.


Like including silly drawings above.


Or writing in a casual style like this.


Or inserting a joke every now and then.


So here’s the thing….


Before I talk about how keeping readers engaged will make you more money, get you shitloads more traffic, and make your ego reach the size of the sun…. I have to add a few disclaimers.


If you think drawings like the above, or fun graphics that are appropriate to your branding, will make your content less engaging….then we should probably not work together.










Secondly, when I write, I put my soul on the line. No literally. I made a deal with the Devil. If my writing doesn’t add to the reader’s life, I’m fucked. I’m chained to a lava of fire & brimstone for all eternity.




Okay. That last bit is a joke. But I do put my soul on the line. I hate making my readers feel icky and like they’re being scammed.


My business & life philosophy (which filters to my writing) is that of generosity.


I don’t manipulate. I gently add value, persuade and invite the reader to take action.


So…if you don’t believe in generosity. Then we should probably not work together.
If you don’t believe in your product. If you don’t believe in changing your customer or clients lives….then we aren’t going to be a good fit. We should definitely not work together.










Finally. (Yup. I work in threes). I believe the best business to build is to build a long term one. The path to wealth for everyone is through consistent effort.


If however you just want a quick buck….if you want instant results…if you want 6 second abs without the months of effort…..


Then we DEFINITELY shouldn’t work together.


All great achievements require investment. And I promise you if we work together we’ll hit your online presence goals, but it WILL take time.









Wow. It sure is getting empty in here.


But… I had to get rid of those readers.