On a bright sunny day, 100 years in the future there were two businesses. Stellar Destiny Corporation& Galactic Inc.


Both of these businesses faced a huge problem. They wanted to make money from the ongoing settlement of the solar system. Man was settling new planets, and the opportunity was ripe to alter our destiny.


However both of these businesses were new. Both had no following. Both had huge audacious goals, and no-one knew about them.


No-one trusted them.


I mean…would you allow yourself to be transported across the vast emptiness of space in a metal cylinder, operated by an entity you didn’t trust?



Would you allow yourself to live in an artificial environment, where if the tiniest of mistakes happen, you’ll be exposed to the empty vacumn of space and die?





Of course not.


And both these businesses knew it.


Furthermore, both these business saw something that no-one else did in the marketplace. They knew that if they could just make their market see things the way they did, they would make billions – no –  trillions of dollars.



After all, no-one knew they wanted an iPhone – that is, until they saw one.


So far we have two businesses, both have grand ambitions, both saw an opportunity that no-one else did, both had to build trust and educate their audience before they could make a profit.


Not a single difference between them right?


Yet in 10 years, one will be a household name synonymous with space travel, and mankind’s destiny to rule the stars, the other will be bankrupt with the founder living in his parent’s basement.






How? Just how did both of these businesses, both which started out the same, how did they end up in different places?


Well it was down to the decisions the founders made at the beginning of the business.


In fact it was down to one key decision. The most important decision they both made.


Which was…


How are we going to position ourselves, connect with our market, and get our message out there?