Now….not necessarily the most groundbreaking decision to make. It’s one that lies at the heart of every marketing campaign known to mankind.


But it was what they chose to do that made the difference.
Stellar Destiny Corporation decided on the following:



  • They would start an aggressive advertising campaign, hammering home the benefits of star travel. They would sponsor related events, buy airtime on the most popular programs for advertisements, buy full page adverts on the most popular holosites.


  • They would have a loyalty system, to encourage customers to continue using their services, to fly in their spaceships and stay in their space hotels.


  • They would invest heavily in having the best and sexiest spaceships and hotels. Their name will become synonymous with luxury.


  • They will be affordable. They won’t cut prices to race to the bottom, but they’ll be within the budgets of the middle class and still make a profit.


A solid marketing plan right? It hits all the bases and gets the message out there: we’re affordable and provide a good service.


Everything you need to have a successful business.


But…what did Galactic Inc do?


They made one decision and one decision only,



That’s it.


The founder wrote his vision and manifesto in a book. He outlined the opportunity he saw, laid down his vision, why he believes in space travel and invited readers to use his services when they launched.


Oh and he would put everything into making sure it was a damn good book and easy to digest for his target market. That and he’d do everything into promoting the book out there.


Wait…what? That was how they won? They wrote a book?


Now obviously this is an extreme example, but bear with me here, and see if you can draw any analogues with your business idea, or an industry you know very well.


The founder wrote a book. The book positioned their business in a unique way.


The book appealed to people with his vision. He recruited an enthusiastic tribe to support him.


(In the tech industry they call these guys early adopters).


He developed free publicity for his company with the launch of his book.


His enthusiastic tribe started using his services when it launched, and they raved about it to their friends and family (because he delivered a good service, just like his competitors. He’s not stupid).


He used the income from this initial growth to start a humble advertising campaign. The message of the campaign was simple: This is our story, and these are all the people who support us.


(Click image to make larger)


His book got him invited to speak at conferences on space travel in the most influential of places, which generated more publicity for Galactic Inc.


Within 5 years Galactic Inc had grown 500% year by year and went public. It used the money from the IPO to expand further and faster than Stellar Destiny Corporation and totally ate their market share.


In 10 years, they established a space hotel on Pluto. Stellar Destiny Corporation went bankrupt.






In 100 years, Galactic Inc was THE name behind colonisation. Mankind’s first interstellar spaceship going outside the solar system and to the stars was owned and operated by Galactic Inc.


That’s the difference writing a book can make.